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Looking to study in the geographically diverse and culturally rich Malaysia? We provide a seamless service in helping you process your student visa as well as flight, accommodation, insurance, and anything else you might need to kickstart your student life here! (Even if you have trouble with the language used here, we will help you!) Unilink is up to date with every regulation and changes the government has implemented to make the process smooth and worry-free so you don’t have to spend extra time in different departments and pay unnecessary fees.

Before you leave for Malaysia, you will be issued a Student Visa upon your arrival in Malaysia with the visa approval letter (VAL) ready at the immigration checkpoint. The letter of approval takes about 12 business days to process your application and for a decision to be reached. Students from China, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Serbia, and Montenegro needs to apply for a single-entry visa online, known as an eVISA.

Within two weeks upon arrival, you must submit your passport to your host institution in order to get a full Student Pass. This may take from four to six weeks.

If you would like to go back home for a holiday and back to Malaysia to continue your studies, we provide a 9am to 5pm customer service from Monday to Friday for you to contact us about any questions that you have. Making sure you and enter and exit Malaysia without any issues. We can also assist you in applying for a Multiple Entry Visa Fee so you can go and come back whenever you like without extra steps.

What can I do or not do with this pass?2021-06-30T04:03:51+08:00
  • You can work up to 20 hours a week during school breaks of 8 days or more
  • You can travel around in Malaysia
  • You can rent or purchase a house or a car
  • You cannot take up employment or business venture full time.
  • You cannot take out a loan or have access to public funds.
How long will it take?2021-06-30T04:03:37+08:00
  • The entire processing time is around 3-5 weeks depending on the requirements.
How much does an average student visa cost?2021-06-30T04:03:16+08:00
  • RM1,590.00 for a new application excluding health insurance, non-refundable visa processing fee (Selected institutions are entitled to rebates)
  • You will be required to subscribe to a medical insurance plan. For more information, please contact us.
  • We will outline all of your costs down to the details in quotation that will be sent to you.
How long does my student pass last?2021-06-30T04:02:57+08:00
  • Language school students will receive a student pass for 6 months, renewable thereafter.
  • For certain courses and selected universities, you will receive a visa for the entire duration of your studies, provided that passport validity, insurance coverage and other related documents are in order
  • Other applicants will receive a 1-year visa which will require a renewal thereafter

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