There are 3 main types of passes for foreigners looking to work in Malaysia, each has its own requirements, duration of stay and advantages. Malaysia is a melting pot of races and culture with many different types of food as well as beaches just a flight away.

Here’s a summary table of three types of passes:

MM2H EP Ikthisas
How long can I stay in Malaysia? 10 Years 1 to 5 years 12 months or less
Can freely travel from Malaysia? Yes Yes Yes
Can my pass be extended? Yes Yes No
Do I need to be employed by a Malaysian company? No Yes Yes
Age limit? No 27 and above, below 27 years old will require extra documents 27 and above, below 27 years old will require extra documents
Can I bring my family? Yes Yes No
Do I need to pay taxes in Malaysia? Not for offshore income.
Yes, if you have a company/work in Malaysia.
Yes Yes
Can I set up my own company in Malaysia? Yes Yes No
Can you assist me on company formation and incorporation? Yes Yes No
I want to drive in Malaysia, can I apply for a driving license? Yes Yes Yes
Can you assist in applying for my driving license? Yes Yes Yes
Can I buy property? Yes No No
Can I open a bank account in Malaysia? Yes Yes Yes
Price Range $$$ $$ $

MALAYSIAN EMPLOYMENT PASS UNDER DP10 is suitable for investors, skilled workers, professionals, and senior management in companies intending to work in Malaysia.

PROFESSIONAL VISIT PASS/ TRAINING PASS (PAS IKTHISAS) is generally used for foreign technical experts, foreign interns, and trainees. These passes are typically used for a short-term stay. Most companies apply this pass when they are conducting training using experienced employees from overseas to local employees.

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