Why a maid?

As we advance into the 21st century, our lives have become more hectic, with both the parents now required to work in order to bring in more income to support a family’s expenditure. A helper is needed to take care of children and elderly at home as sending them to care centres and nurseries’ cost far outweigh the cost of hiring a maid. In addition to that, there are also news of trauma and neglect of children and seniors in care centres widely reported in the media.

The domestic helper can also take care of household chores, so the parents can come back to a clean and tidy house without having to worry about the unwashed dishes and clothes after a long day of work. A helper can also fit into the family, knowing their likes, dislikes, and habits.

Moreover, having a maid that has a good grasp in speaking other languages such as English or Malay may help your children learn languages that they may not use when conversing with a parent in Chinese or English. This helps them develop a language skill that makes it easier for them to absorb new languages faster than those having to take classes as they do not use the languages learnt in daily lives.

Our agency will ensure that the domestic helper hired are well trained in basic household chores before they start their employment with a well-executed working agreement with the helper to protect both parties. We can also help you if there are any problems that arise with you and your domestic helper.

INDONESIA RM3,000.00 RM250.00
THAILAND RM3,000.00 RM250.00
CAMBODIA RM3,000.00 RM250.00
LAOS RM3,000.00 RM1,500.00
VIETNAM RM3,000.00 RM1,500.00
PHILIPPINES RM5,000.00 RM750.00
SRI LANKA RM5,000.00 RM750.00
INDIA RM5,000.00 RM750.00

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