Established in the year 2001, our agency consists of experienced consultants who can assist you with the recruitment and employment of foreign labour so that you can focus on your business. We provide quota approvals, recruitment, renewal, special pass, check out memo, and other consultation services related to foreign labour.

Below are the foreign labour from approved source countries and sectors that they are allowed to work in:



Thailand / / ALL SECTORS

–          Construction

–          Plantation

–          Agriculture

–          Services

–          Manufacturing

Cambodia / /
Nepal / /
Myanmar / /
Laos / /
Vietnam / /
Philippines X /
Pakistan / /
Sri Lanka / /
Turkmenistan / /
Uzbekistan / /
Kazakhstan / /
India / / –          Construction (high tension cable only)

–          Services (Goldsmith, wholesale/ retail, restaurant-cooks only, metal/scrap materials and recycling, textiles and barbers

–          Agriculture & Plantation

Indonesia / / Male workers from Indonesia are allowed to work in all sectors except manufacturing while female workers are allowed to work in all sectors
Bangladesh / / via G to G (government to government) agreement

This diagram below is made for our clients in order to have a clearer understanding on what’s going on in the recruitment process.

Foreign Labour Outsourcing Services

The recruitment of foreign labour is a long and tedious process. Consider the option to outsource foreign workers that are ready to work right away from us professional consultants. Engagements can be based on a time-based contract.

We provide the following service scope

  • Application of foreign labour on consolidation of documents liaising with the respective government departments.
  • Application of calling visas, obtaining endorsement from the government
  • Obtaining attestation from relevant foreign embassies in Malaysia.
  • Arrange foreign labour from their country of origin to Malaysia via services such as booking air-tickets, single entry visa, approval from government labour department, etc.
  • Clearance and transport of foreign workers from the airport upon arrival.
  • FWCS insurance coverage, FOMEMA medical check-up
  • Renewal of work permit
  • Compliance of all statutory and requirements relative to the employment of labour
  • Arrange orientation/training programs (when required by clients) for foreign labour

Our objective is to ensure a smooth, shorter time consumption and non-productive human resources related tasks when you can focus on your business.

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